The saga of the forbidden room

ertln_spq1s-andrew-neelOn the graveyard shift at the Most Successful Bank in the Universe (not its real name), we did very skillful work with absolutely zero appreciation or validation.

We only ever got negative feedback. Often, VERY negative feedback, usually combined with threats. And those threats were very real. We could be fired overnight without a reason. Many of us were.

But when we were, during the time period I call the ‘Fourth Empire’, banished from our work space with the high end professional machines we needed for our graphics and forced to sit in a large windowless expanse and do the same high end work on old, decrepit machines with dim, inaccurate monitors, we discovered that we actually took a lot of pride in our craft.

We, ourselves.

That was a painful time.

To do complex and precise graphics work on old, dim machines while the professional equipment was in the next room – unused, but forbidden – that really broke our professional hearts. And taught us that we had found value and worth in ourselves and in our own work, although our employer had nothing but contempt for us.

This is just one of the many heartbreaking and emotional episodes from Nyla’s new novel ‘Slaughterhouse Morning’, volume 3 of ‘Graveyards of the Banks’. Available for pre-order next week.


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Nyla Nox writing in politicsmeanspolitics: My life in the hostile environment

July 6, 2017

‘I live in a hostile environment’. Over the last year, many EU citizens in the UK have said that. So many times. Harassment? Bullying? Legal uncertainty? Lack of empathy? Being made into the ‘other’, being publicly vilified, demonized? Encountering obstacle after obstacle, so that life becomes a misery? Like many other EU citizens, I have […] Continue reading

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Nyla Nox Author Reading at Waterstones Covent Garden 3 March 6PM!

February 22, 2017

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“Part satire, part thriller and part exposé, this book explores the dark corporate underbelly of the banking world and of those who are stuck working in it.” “Nox has a clear, honest writing style and has unique and refreshing ways of describing people and their relationships. ” “This was an interesting book that gave a lot […] Continue reading

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