Slaughterhouse Morning





Seven Seasons of Midnights at the Most Successful Bank in the Universe

Nyla has been working in the dark, on the graveyard shift, at the Most Successful Bank in the Universe for several years. She has tried to blow the whistle, and for a while, there is hope on the notorious Seventh Floor where jobless humanities graduates serve the hostile, angry bankers in the Room With the Four Windows on the Night. But will it last? Or will the Bank revert to its true nature?

Nyla is now the only one left of all the workers who started with her. She has survived where others failed, but she feels that her life is going nowhere.

Nyla’s Best Friend and desk neighbour suggest a completely different career option. The Bagman, a high up financial executive, has turned up in Nyla’s life again. And he’s definitely interested. And there’s something exciting brewing at the Bank itself…

But then the world of the Banks, so solid and all powerful, is shattered by one of its own, the Bank were all the Fired People go. And maybe all the rest of the Banks, and all the rest of the world, will follow it into the abyss.
Big events shake up the world of banking. Bubbles, wild rides, the crash, another crash, austerity… The kaleidoscope of chaos rattles out of control, with Nyla inside.

As the Bagman flies all over the planet, trying to save the economy, Nyla is torn between holding on to her own small survival (and she does – time after time, timid Nyla is too tough to be fired) and trading her personal integrity for the
protection of the Bagman.

But isn’t the Bagman one of the architects of Nyla’s misery? How can she choose him when he helps to destroy the world?
Big love, big money, big decisions.

Ghosts from the past return.

Will Nyla survive one last time, when her department is outsourced to a country half a planet away?
Or will they all go down in a big flood of blood, in the Slaughterhouse Morning?

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Nyla Nox writing in politicsmeanspolitics: My life in the hostile environment

July 6, 2017

‘I live in a hostile environment’. Over the last year, many EU citizens in the UK have said that. So many times. Harassment? Bullying? Legal uncertainty? Lack of empathy? Being made into the ‘other’, being publicly vilified, demonized? Encountering obstacle after obstacle, so that life becomes a misery? Like many other EU citizens, I have […] Continue reading

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Nyla Nox at Waterstones Covent Garden

March 13, 2017

Here are the first few pictures from Nyla’s reading of ‘Slaughterhouse Morning’ at Waterstones Covent Garden on Friday 3 March. Wonderful audience, standing room only for quite a few! Most exciting image: people picking up my book, rapt and immersed. Reading it, buying it. Wow! Continue reading

Nyla Nox Author Reading at Waterstones Covent Garden 3 March 6PM!

February 22, 2017

Nyla Nox will be reading from her first chapter of ‘Slaugtherhouse Morning’. You will be the very first to hear it before the book comes out later in March! Link to the website Continue reading

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“Part satire, part thriller and part exposé, this book explores the dark corporate underbelly of the banking world and of those who are stuck working in it.” “Nox has a clear, honest writing style and has unique and refreshing ways of describing people and their relationships. ” “This was an interesting book that gave a lot […] Continue reading

Slaughterhouse Morning review in Tinted Edges

“I really liked the character Nyla.” ” I also learned a lot about finance and banks in this book. I love books like this, when the author is writing about an industry, and writes it so well that we actually learn something.” “The writing style (like I mentioned above), is very unique. It took me a while to […] Continue reading

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