“Part satire, part thriller and part exposé, this book explores the dark corporate underbelly of the banking world and of those who are stuck working in it.” “Nox has a clear, honest writing style and has unique and refreshing ways of describing people and their relationships. ” “This was an interesting book that gave a lot […] Continue reading

Slaughterhouse Morning review in Tinted Edges

“I really liked the character Nyla.” ” I also learned a lot about finance and banks in this book. I love books like this, when the author is writing about an industry, and writes it so well that we actually learn something.” “The writing style (like I mentioned above), is very unique. It took me a while to […] Continue reading

Review of Slaughterhouse Morning in “The Reading Life”

A modern-day Boschesque purgatory “Rather than relying on major dramatic moments to carry across the power of the story, it’s the death of a thousand cuts: a steady, minute chipping away of sensitivities, of sensibilities, of defences, of any sense of normality, together with the pathetic gratitude of finally winning horribly minor victories that make […] Continue reading

Review by Noel Maurice, indielit : “A modern-day Boschesque purgatory”

Financial fiction meets Dante’s Inferno meets The Office. Wow. This was an amazing, moving book. Most of the financial fiction I read is best described as thrillers or mysteries, but not this book. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect… the first couple of pages had a pace and a style that I wasn’t […] Continue reading

Review by Aaron Hoos, Financial Fiction Review

Author Nyla Nox‘s new book, to be published on 6 March 2015, is called Graveyards of the Banks – I did it for the money. It is the first part of a trilogy. This first book ends with a cliffhanger. A new worker, called Vera, arrives at the bank. She will play a major, dramatic, […] Continue reading

Review by DearKitty Blog: Novel about banks in London

“This is a fascinating book, a very subjective experience for the reader” Nyla, the protagonist of this novel-cum-memoir (the author is also called Nyla and in the description of the book she explains the narration is born of her personal experience working for a bank, which although it remains nameless, it’s ‘the Most Successful Bank […] Continue reading

Review by Olga Miret, Lit World Review

SPOILER ALERT! I reviewed that first volume in February 2015; here. Much of what I wrote then is applicable to this new book as well. Volume 2, ‘Graveyards of the Banks – Monsters Arising’ came out on Monday 14 September. SPOILER ALERT: in this review are important parts of the plot of the book. So, […] Continue reading

Review of ‘Monsters Arising’ by DearKitty

This is an unusual piece of literature in that it’s about work; there are surprisingly few of these out there. Despite the fact work makes up a huge amount of our daily lives, it’s hard to write engagingly about the topic (notable exceptions are the police force and other more ‘exciting’ professions). This is about […] Continue reading

Review by Ellen Bard, Goodreads

It is notoriously difficult to write interestingly about work – especially the work that most people do sitting in front of their computer screens all day – or in Nyla’s case, all night. Most authors avoid it. But Nyla has managed to do this magnificently – her account is gripping and thoroughly readable. She cleverly […] Continue reading

Review by Tracey Martin, Goodreads

A haunting trilogy about Nyla’s journey through the gothic maze of the Most Successful Bank in the Universe in London. A group of jobless humanities graduates abandon all hope and enter the Third Basement for a life on the graveyard shift, a toxic bubble of bitches and bullies where the Bank conducts human experiments to […] Continue reading

Review by Tony Riches, The Writing Desk

A bank next to a graveyard. What could be the connection? In this first volume of the trilogy of novels Graveyards of the Banks, the valiant Nyla Nox shrouds them together in ways that are unexpected, absorbing, and even deliciously amusing. She takes what could (and must often) have been an unpleasantly stressful and horrible […] Continue reading

Review by Karen S., Goodreads

If Cassandra lived in London and worked deep inside ‘The Most Successful Bank in the Universe’ (Nox’s mantra-like repeated phrase), this is the book she would write. Would anyone believe her? Nox falls into a dirty, secret world at the heart of global finance and becomes an accidental witness to a rottenness beyond most people’s […] Continue reading

Review by Endlessreadingprincess, Goodreads

If you really want to know what goes on inside the Big Banks, here’s the one for you. Unlike most books about investment banking, it gives the real, gritty, unvarnished view of a long term insider from what must surely be one of the Top 5 banks (Nox calls it ‘The Most Successful Bank in […] Continue reading

Review by Intensebanker, Goodreads

As an industry insider, working in London, I totally “felt” this book. Not only could I relate to the extreme corporate set-up, the human interactions between employees and managers, and the atmosphere around the historic City itself, but the almost solitary survival of an individual in London and the glimpses of worthwhile aspirations kept me […] Continue reading

Review by Elaine, Goodreads

Nyla Nox stumbles into a foreign world. Fate has brought her there. She is an anthropologist, but this strange culture is not the object of a research project. She is there to struggle and survive. She enters through a small door behind a medieval graveyard in the city of London and finds herself inside the […] Continue reading

Review by Carola Siekmann, Goodreads

Where to start? A close friend who worked at the banks before the crash recommended this book to me, saying I may ‘finally comprehend what really went on in there’. Well I had no idea it was like this, no idea at all! As a man, I am shocked, as a human, I am shocked. […] Continue reading

Review by Harry, Goodreads

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Nyla Nox at Waterstones Covent Garden

March 13, 2017

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Nyla Nox Author Reading at Waterstones Covent Garden 3 March 6PM!

February 22, 2017

Nyla Nox will be reading from her first chapter of ‘Slaugtherhouse Morning’. You will be the very first to hear it before the book comes out later in March! Link to the website Continue reading

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