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Where to start? A close friend who worked at the banks before the crash recommended this book to me, saying I may ‘finally comprehend what really went on in there’. Well I had no idea it was like this, no idea at all!

As a man, I am shocked, as a human, I am shocked. Such utter disregard for people and their lives and in such powerful institutions that, whether we agree or not, still control the world. I thought I was a man with a decent grasp on life, but even I was surprised at the depths of the of bullying innocent victims and the obvious psychological (long term impact) this can have.

I am not unfamiliar with hard work and tough rules, I have worked in the City (not the same field) myself, but reading Nyla’s story was simultaneously engaging and disheartening. I had become so very invested in her by the time I had reached the mid point of ‘Monsters Arising’ (first book also a fantastic read by the way. It goes without saying that I am avidly awaiting the third) that I felt almost like reaching in and giving her a supportive pep talk.

I actually believe that I admire Nyla and those she stands for, and I feel a little in awe of her ability to silently speak out when those around her do nothing but strut around (Yes that Peter character got under my skin, I’ll admit it!).

As I sign off I must note that I am most intrigued by the Bagman, what a classy gent. Now this I am very interested to see play out!

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