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This is an unusual piece of literature in that it’s about work; there are surprisingly few of these out there. Despite the fact work makes up a huge amount of our daily lives, it’s hard to write engagingly about the topic (notable exceptions are the police force and other more ‘exciting’ professions).

This is about a toxic workplace, ‘the most successful bank in the universe’ (draw your own conclusions). It’s a look at a micro environment of the graveyard shift in a graphics centre, which at the same time points to wider problems and injustices in the macro environment of the financial services industry.

It’s can be a difficult book to read, full of examples of the darker side of human nature, the noxious environment bringing out the worst in the people who work there. I had to put it down a few times, as the atmosphere of the book painted a picture so bleak I almost couldn’t continue to read. But the narrator (the story is based on the real life experiences of the author) pulls you through the story, admitting to her own shame in being complicit in some of the bullying, and it bringing out the worst in her, as she tries to earn enough to eat and live in London, hoping for a different life and career before the bank breaks her. The narrator also has a black sense of humour that tugs you through to the end as you keep your fingers crossed she’ll make it out of there.

This is the first in a trilogy of well-written and interesting prose that makes us realise we all have a darker side, and if we’re put in the right (wrong?) environment, we too could turn away from injustice and brutality and ‘do it for the money’.

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