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Nyla Nox stumbles into a foreign world. Fate has brought her there. She is an anthropologist, but this strange culture is not the object of a research project. She is there to struggle and survive.

She enters through a small door behind a medieval graveyard in the city of London and finds herself inside the heart of the banking universe, inside the mightiest bank of them all. Nyla knows nothing about the bizarre rituals and cruelties she is about to encounter. And so she is innocent enough to see what is really going on there. In a way, Nyla is still following her vocation: she studies the disturbing culture that she discovers within the vast, chaotic floors of the bank’s building. What happens inside is a secret, nobody is even allowed to take pictures of the offices. The bank shows a smooth, glittering surface to the people that don’t work there. To those inside, the bank shows quite another face.

The bank’s inner universe is cruel, brutal, and sinister. There are billions of rules, to be bent and used against you at any moment. You are never secure. Within the next minute you can be shouted at, bullied, humiliated, or even sacked. Nyla experiences a culture that is built on abuse and fear. She observes how she herself inevitably changes while enduring this regime. But she stays on and stubbornly tries to survive with her soul intact.

‘I did it for the money’ is the first book of a series. In this volume, Nyla enters the black heart of the greatest bank of all and begins to grasp the rules. Through her eyes we get a first impression of the things that go on there. Things that we are not supposed to observe. Working on the “graveyard shift” in the middle of the night and at the bottom of the hierarchy, Nyla is invisible to the management. They don’t suspect that people from below can have a perspective at all. And so, Nyla can look beneath the surface, like the mice that live in the bank’s hollow walls and run across the work floors at night.

Nyla Nox leads us to dark places, we explore bitter truths about the world we live in, and we feel the agony and despair of human beings forced to survive in cruel circumstances. Nyla describes the banking world in concise and precise language. She takes us close to her perceptive protagonist. Some scenes she witnesses are very sad and vicious. But Nyla has the gift to lead us through the darkness with her clear voice. Her strong and elegant prose is a pleasure to read. Therefore, we follow her willingly through the night and she even makes us laugh at the irony of life. This is a brave book, but it is also beautifully written. You may cry, but you will nevertheless enjoy following Nyla through the bank’s internal wilderness. I read the book in one go and I am waiting for the next volume.

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