Remember ‘A Matter of Angels’? Children’s school play – revolt of the sheep!

sheep“In the final scene, when the girls had all become occupying angels, leaving the shepherds cowering at the edge, completely overshadowed and out-blinged, I graciously smiled while everyone adored me one more time and then plunged into my final monologue. Maybe even my sister would now take her hands off her ears.

When my monologue ended, there was a moment of silence.
The audience, of whom I had been keenly aware all through the play as a huge dark animal supplying power to the stage, gave a big collective breath.
Everyone knew it was over. Well, over save the carol singing.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the teacher in the wings raising her arms to give the cue when a voice rang out from the back, loud and clear, without a cough but in a defiantly strong rural accent:
‘What is that brightness in the sky…’
Several of the angels turned round to reveal a supernatural creature, half shepherd, half sheep, standing proudly at the back, waving to her grandmother.

The teacher urgently started the music.”
A Matter of Angels, free for the holidays,

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