Nyla Writing in PoliticsMeansPolitics: I wish I was a British Fox


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I wish I was a fox.

Don’t you?

Depends on what you are now, I guess.

If you are a full citizen, then, no. You are better off than a fox.

But not if you are like me.

Because, you see, in Britain, I’m worse off than a fox.

And I’m not just talking about now. I’m talking about when the fox hunt becomes legal again. When British MPs will vote for it in parliament.

But this will be no ordinary vote. The British MPs will be given the freedom to vote to their individual conscience, because fox hunting is a matter of grave ethical significance.

That will be a terrible time for foxes.

But I will still be worse off.

Because, you see, the hunt is already on for me.

The British public voted for it, and the MPs in the British parliament. However, in the case of my hunting, they were not given the freedom of their conscience. They had to vote with the party line. Clearly, my hunting is not a matter of grave ethical significance.

In Britain, I’m less than a fox.

That’s why I wish I was one.

But fox hunting is barbaric, you say.

I agree.

The fox is hunted by a pack of dogs whose sole purpose in life is to find it, dig out of its — well, digs — and then tear it apart with their teeth.

Absolutely barbaric, I agree.

And British citizens oppose this barbaric practice.

They put themselves in danger to protect the fox.

They block the hunt, they mislead it with ingenious tactics.

They put on fox masks and march in the street.

They are willing to let themselves be dragged away by the police, to be arrested, to be tried in court.

To protect the fox.

I agree. I support them.

I just wish they would do a fraction of this for me.

That’s why I wish I was a fox.

Yes but you’re not going to be killed, say my British friends.

Stop complaining.

You won’t be killed, you will only be deported.

Lose everything, yes, that’s true, but not your life. We’ll let you escape with your life.

Three million people and their families and networks have been in total limbo about their future for over a year now. And nobody is stopping it. Where are the public tears, the fox masks, the emotional appeals? Where are the deeply aroused consciences of the good people of Britain?

Protect the foxes.


It is brutal to let them be hunted and killed like that.

But where is the emotional outrage and intensity in protecting us?

We are human. Like you.

I have to go away. To cry.



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