Nyla Nox writing in The Coffeelicious: “Money or Life”

Money or Life – Nyla’s story from the pick and mix aisles of survival
Forget all the rags to riches fairy tales. Most of us will have to make this choice. I made it — twice.
If the proverbial visitor from an alien planet (and, no, it can no longer be Mars) were to form a working hypothesis based on reading the articles in Medium, or many other US publications, they would get the impression that hard work, study, inspiration, persistence and above all talent and love will lead the average human to find a fulfilling job with a good income.
This is not true.
The alien visitor would expect a world where we all follow our dreams and develop our skills, and are able to make a living, while perhaps also participating in the ‘community’ to ‘give back’.
I have worked in the media so I know that some people get very lucky. They lead magical lives, lives that resemble the ideas presented to our alien.
I have worked in the financial industry and in a psychology related job and what I have seen there is this choice: money or life.
Like many others, I had the opportunity to sell myself for money while working at the Most Successful Bank in the Universe as a non-banker. A graveyard department for jobless humanities graduates aka people with broken dreams.
These dreams were broken not because we were untalented or afraid of hard work. Anyone unable to do very hard work indeed would not have survived in that land of bankers’ slaves for sure. I saw extremely talented artists, historians, psychologists, teachers and even religious ministers there, choosing to sell themselves for money because there was no money in what they did.
Our dreams were broken because there simply are not enough jobs for people like us.
The bankers worked in their own chosen field. That is another story altogether.
Most of us were fired at some point — so much so that when I later worked at a different bank all my co-workers asked me on the first day when I had been fired from the MSBU. Not if, but when.
I was never fired. Instead, I left to pursue my dream. I lived my life. I started to write my books. My books were published.
When my money was spent, I went back (to that second bank where everyone assumed I was fired).
Then I repeated the process.
I am still writing, and I am now working in psychology (sort of) part time. I have had a very successful novel published with HarperCollins UK under a different name. What are the chances of that, for any writer? I was extremely lucky.
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