Nyla Nox writing in Medium: The Hatching of the Neo-Fascist Egg

Where did the rulers of today develop their dangerous strategies?
I am afraid of them.
And I know why.
Nyla was there, deep inside the experiment of ‘internal fascism’.
For seven years, I lived inside a place, a place like a small country, that was run ruthlessly, some say brutally, on the principle of winners and losers.
The winners were those who were ‘born to rule’. They were considered naturally superior, after they proved themselves to their own masters, in a sadistic Selection of the Fittest. And their inborn superiority gave them the ‘natural’ right to take whatever they wanted. The leaders were entitled to treat everyone else with the contempt they deserved.
I have no doubt that they looked at the rest of us as almost sub-human.
I was one of the rest. We were all losers in our leaders’ eyes.
We were shouted at, publicly humiliated, and openly intimidated every single day. Or night, in my case.
This kind of treatment was considered normal. Later it was called bullying, still infantilising us, and minimising our suffering and their actions. But this ‘bullying’ was not a regrettable exception. It was, in fact, the living expression of their internal fascism.It was the way their world was, and it was the way our world should be.
When your masters consider themselves a superior species, they treat you like a lesser species.
What we experienced as petty cruelties such as not being allowed to go to the toilet, being penalised for minor infrictions of constantly changing behavioural rules by taking away some of our money, the money we desperately needed to survive, was part of a fascist system.
In the minds of our masters, we, at the bottom, needed to be controlled. We were not worth anything better. Naturally. In their eyes we were born to be ruled.
Their favourite phrase was that we needed to be ‘cracked down’ on.
Where was this?
At the place that I call The Most Successful Bank in the Universe (not its real name), where I, and many jobless humanities graduates, worked a zero hours job with no toilet breaks to illustrate the Bank’s vision while others slept, all throughout the night.
As the new government of the US takes power, and as it rushes to execute what others have called a neo-fascist coup, I realise that many in that government actually were the among the master people who conducted this Social Darwinist experiment.
I lived there, every night, all night.
I saw it.
But it took the current political situation to open my eyes to a deeper truth:
This was the place where the neo-fascist egg was hatched.
I am afraid of them.
And I know why.
(The books I have written are of course, entirely works of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events or localities is entirely coincidental.)

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