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A bank next to a graveyard. What could be the connection? In this first volume of the trilogy of novels Graveyards of the Banks, the valiant Nyla Nox shrouds them together in ways that are unexpected, absorbing, and even deliciously amusing. She takes what could (and must often) have been an unpleasantly stressful and horrible working environment—graveyard shift in the graphics department of a bank—and turns it into the subject of an almost anthropological study of a cold space. Survival of the Fittest. The Third Basement. The Global Center for Excellence. The Most Successful Bank in the Universe. Nyla muses on all that she perceives in the towering London edifice, mercilessly deconstructing not only the physical landscape but those souls who pass through its chambers. This offers fascinating insights into some of the anachronistic absurdities taking place in the dark hours of a leading bank. Along the way the reader is treated, rightfully so, to unapologetic self-reflection and cynicism. Peppered throughout the pages too are gems of historical and universal insight that cause both despair and a wary optimism. Yet the final pages of I Did it for the Money raise the spectre of a new nightmare in Nyla’s life. How will she deal with this latest challenge? Volume Two should promise some answers.

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Nyla Nox writing in politicsmeanspolitics: My life in the hostile environment

July 6, 2017

‘I live in a hostile environment’. Over the last year, many EU citizens in the UK have said that. So many times. Harassment? Bullying? Legal uncertainty? Lack of empathy? Being made into the ‘other’, being publicly vilified, demonized? Encountering obstacle after obstacle, so that life becomes a misery? Like many other EU citizens, I have […] Continue reading

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“Part satire, part thriller and part exposé, this book explores the dark corporate underbelly of the banking world and of those who are stuck working in it.” “Nox has a clear, honest writing style and has unique and refreshing ways of describing people and their relationships. ” “This was an interesting book that gave a lot […] Continue reading

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“I really liked the character Nyla.” ” I also learned a lot about finance and banks in this book. I love books like this, when the author is writing about an industry, and writes it so well that we actually learn something.” “The writing style (like I mentioned above), is very unique. It took me a while to […] Continue reading

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