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If Cassandra lived in London and worked deep inside ‘The Most Successful Bank in the Universe’ (Nox’s mantra-like repeated phrase), this is the book she would write. Would anyone believe her?
Nox falls into a dirty, secret world at the heart of global finance and becomes an accidental witness to a rottenness beyond most people’s belief. With a failed career in anthropology, she can not find her way out again.
Nox is not a banker, she is a minimum hour contractor who can be fired overnight. She spends her life on the graveyard shift, and the small medieval graveyard outside the Bank seems a more congenial place than the work floors reminiscent of battle trenches.
Much of the detail of systemic bullying and military style supremacy ideology is harrowing. It destroys the characters’ lives and seeps into their souls.
‘The Graveyards of the Banks’ reads like an insider’s memoir of Mordor, but there are no heroes, there is no sunrise redemption.
Nyla has ended up inside the ultimate seat of power. And she is helpless and hopeless.
The biggest strength of this book is its sparse and evocative style. This is literature. Literature in its deepest and most inspiring sense. Contemporary literature about the contemporary workplace.
It is also a very emotional book. And a book full of dark, very dark wit.
It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. (Not many books about banks do that).
Like Cassandra’s songs, it tells the truth. A truth nobody wants to act on before the city falls…

With two more volumes still to come, ‘Graveyards of the Banks’ promises to be an epic – a tale not of two cities but of one City, that rules us all.

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